Karate Classes Leicester

Welcome to Kokoro Karate Dojo. If you are considering learning karate and are looking for karate classes in Leicester that are tailored to all abilities and ages then please take a look around.

Here you can find information about our karate classes, karate gradings and even the history of Shotokan Karate.

Kokoro Karate Dojo

At Kokoro Karate Dojo we teach Shotokan Karate.  One of the most popular, effective  and highly regarded of all Japanese martial arts.

Kokoro Karate Dojo was formed in 2015 by Sensei Tim (then 2nd dan black belt) and Sempai Jack (then 2nd dan black belt) and is part of the highly esteemed Conroy Karate group of clubs.

Our karate lessons teach karate techniques and self defence in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, drawing from the age old traditions of the ancient past Japanese masters and the modern and contemporary influences from our present day instructors.

All ages welcome, ideal for kids from 5 to 105.
All ability levels are catered for from beginners to black belts.
Beginners can train wearing just tracksuit bottoms and a tee-shirt.
Free taster lesson for all newcomers
No joining fee or membership fee
Karate lessons cost only £6.00 per 1 hour session

All instructors are;

First Aid trained
Hold up to date The Disclosure and Barring Service Certificates (formerly CRB)
Members of our governing body; NAKMAS www.nakmas.org.uk

Can you do Karate for your Duke of Edinburgh Award?

Yes you can, at Kokoro Karate Dojo we are happy to be your D of E (Duke of Edinburgh) award assessor whether you are a new student beginning karate or an existing student wishing to achieve your D of E Bronze, D of E Silver or D of E Gold Awards

click here to visit the DofE web-site

What Karate teaches you

Karate is a discipline and there are many benefits to learning karateBy regularly attending karate lessons you can expect to:

Significantly increase your fitness and stamina levels
Perfect your physical and mental self control
Improve your self esteem and confidence
Learn another language
Study self defence

Where to learn Karate

Start your karate journey today and either join us on Sundays and Tuesdays @:

Kokoro Karate Dojo
Smeeton Westerby Village Hall,
Main Street,
Smeeton Westerby,

Or on Fridays @:

Kokoro Karate Dojo
Arnesby Village Hall,
Mill Hill Road,

When we are at the dojo

@ Smeeton Westerby Village Hall

Intermediate Session – Sunday – 09.00 am to 9.55 am
Advanced Session – Sunday – 10.00 am to 10.55 am
Beginners Session – Sunday – 11.00 am to 11.55 pm
Mixed Ability Session – Tuesday 18.15 pm to 19.10 pm
Mixed Ability Session – Tuesday 19.15 pm to 20.10 pm

@ Arnesby Village Hall

Mixed Ability Session – Friday 6.15 pm to 7.10 pm
Advanced Session – Friday 7.15 to 8.10

Click Here  for additional classes within the Conroy Karate group of clubs 

Contact your Kokoro Karate Dojo Instructor

Sensei: Tim Wood
email:  tim.wood4.tw@gmail.com
Call or text: 07711 144 853

Changes to training relating to the COVID 19 pandemic

  • The hall will be deep cleaned once a week by the hall cleaner.
  • Students must not train if – 1. You experienced any COVID-19 Symptoms 2. Been in contact with any confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases, 3. Travelled internationally until you have quarantined for the required time.
  • Student must enter singularly and not loiter at the main entrance.
  • Students on the first class must leave by the rear door to avoid students entering from the front.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used on arriving at the Dojo (provided).
  • Any surfaces touched by club members must be cleaned with hand wipes provided, i.e. door/toilet handles, etc, and hands washed with sanitiser.
  • Students must be dressed in their karate Gi’s prior to entering the Dojo – Changing room will not be used to avoid close contact.
  • Students must bring their own water – Hydration is important to prevent viral infections
  • Students must not share personal equipment – Pads, mitts etc.
  • Any persons dropping off students must adhere to social distancing at the front of the building or remain in their car.
  • There will be a restriction on the numbers of students allowed during lesson owing to social distancing.
  • Try and stretch the legs prior to arriving at the dojo, as there will be no leg stretch with a partner.
  • There will be no partner work -Semi free, free fighting, etc.
  • No shouting or kiai’s.
  • A maximum of 6 spectators will be allowed in the building during lessons but you must respect social distancing guidelines.
  • Any person at risk must seek medical advice before participating in training.
  • To secure your training place, students will be required to pay a month in advance either by bank transfer or by cheque.  This is due to the restriction in numbers allowed – No refunds will be given in the event of a no show.
  • These conditions will apply until otherwise informed by the appropriate authorities.

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