Conroy Karate Competition 2019 – Photos Added

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part in this years Conroy Karate Competition.

A wonderful day, a fabulous experience and a great opportunity to meet with all of the karateka from the other dojos in the Conroy Karate group.

Our very respectful “trophy haul wall of fame” looks like this;

Lawrence Niblett1st place – Junior Kata (4th kyu to shodan)
Oliver Robinson1st place – Junior Kata (9th kyu to 5th kyu)
Daniel Robinson1st place – Junior Kumite (9th kyu to 5th kyu)
Tony Ruscoe 1st place – Senior Kata
Jonty Shapiro 2nd place – Senior Kata and 3rd place senior kumite
Michelle Seabrook 3rd place – Senior Kata

I am very proud of the high standard of karate demonstrated by our members.  Keep up the good work.



The gallery now has a the competition rules and a map added……….

The next “in group” Conroy Karate Competition will be held on November 24th from 1pm to 4,30pm

The venue will be at Rothley C of E Academy, which is in a brand new housing estate approximately half a mile from the centre of the village, full address is:

Burrow Drive, Rothley, Leics LE77RZ

Entry costs are;
Single entry (Kata or Kumite) £10.00
Double entry (Kata and Kumite) £12.00

In the meantime train as much as you can to hone your kata and kumite skills


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