Kokoro Karate Dojo October 2019 Dan Grading

Congratulations to Sharon Terry and Sarah Miles who both passed their shodan kuro obi (1st dan black belt) grading on 20th October 2019.  A massive effort demonstrating precise and consistent technique along with bucket fulls of spirit, focus and drive.

You both did yourselves and our club proud.   Now for the next level, refining your basics, further developing your kumite and learning 5 new kata.

Keep up the good work and a very well done from sensei Tim.


From brown and white belt (1st kyu) to black belt  (1st dan) 

  • Sharon Terry
  • Sarah Miles


Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to helping you achieve your next level.

Watashitachi wa anata no tsugi no reberu o tassei suru no o tanoshiminishiteimasu



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