Happi san :-)

Our club mascot Happi san (Mr Happy in English) was skill fully knitted by one of our students, Emma.  Thanks so much Emma, I am sure the kids will enjoy looking after him.

Happi san (Mr. Happy). Kokoro Karate club mascot

Happi san will be a “good progress” award for a young student to take with them on their travels for a week.  Students, whose parents have signed a “photograph consent form”, can provide photographs for publishing here to show what you got up to.


Noah san – wc 12 03 18

Noah san and Happi san had some fun playing with Noah’s toys.  Another great time for Happi san with another new friend and karateka.  Where next I wonder???


Farlan san – wc 29 01 18 & wc 05 02 18 

Farlan san and Happi san had a two weeks together.  They had such a good time that Happi san didn’t want to come home and by the end of the two weeks they were both exhausted………..

Raph san – wc 22 01 18

Raph san and Happi san played in the snow this week and had lots of chilly fun… bbbrrrrr….

Kate san – wc 15 01 18

Kate san and Happi san had lots of fun playing with lego this week.  They made a lego dojo and had a Lego grading session.  They also enjoyed a train journey to London and  visited the British Museum.  Where will he go next time?


Molly san – wc 08 01 18

As shown in the pictures Molly had him for the first week and also had to choose a name for him.  Happi san is a super choice and it suits him well.   During his stay with Molly he went to school and was so tired afterwards that he couldn’t wait for story time at night.

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