Kokoro Karate Dojo October 2019 Dan Grading

Congratulations to Sharon Terry and Sarah Miles who both passed their shodan kuro obi (1st dan black belt) grading on 20th October 2019.  A massive effort demonstrating precise and consistent technique along with bucket fulls of spirit, focus and drive. You both did yourselves and our club proud.   Now for the next level, refining your [...]

Conroy Karate Competition 2019 – Photos Added

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part in this years Conroy Karate Competition. A wonderful day, a fabulous experience and a great opportunity to meet with all of the karateka from the other dojos in the Conroy Karate group. Our very respectful "trophy haul wall of fame" looks like this; Lawrence Niblett - 1st place - [...]

Kokoro Karate Dojo Kyu Grading

  Congratulations to Ashley san and Max san who successfully passed their gradings last week. Ashley san demonstrated his usual determination and skill.  A hard fought grading with lots of sweat following some quite complex maneuvers.  A fully deserved brown belt awarded. Max san showed great spirit, much improving technique and excellent focus.  You should [...]

Kokoro Karate Dojo Kyu Grading

Congratulations to Laurence san, Richard san, Gabriel san and Raphael san who passed their respective gradings recently. The Holloway brothers are showing an increasing level of skill and ability as they progress through their gradings. Laurence is edging ever closer to his black belt grading with his success in his 2nd Kyu grading.  Great spirit, [...]

Merry Karate Christmas

2018 has brought some great and very special memories.................. Our little club continues to grow with newcomers arriving regularly and current members strengthening their techniques and making some great progress, especially the young ones, "adults, you could do better" 🙂 We have had numerous kyu gradings where our students gave their all to earn their next [...]