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Shotokan Karate Belts and Kata

Learning karate is both rewarding and challenging. To progress through the different Kyu (grades) you will be encouraged to grade (examination), when your sensei or instructor think that you are ready.

Each Kyu is assigned a different colour with all beginners starting with a white belt right through to black – with hard work and dedication.

Depending on your grade or kyu you will be expected to learn a kata which is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging aspects of Karate.  As you progress through your black belts you will be expected to know all of the kata below your dan grade and be able to perform anyone of them.  A really useful set of diagrams of all of the Shotokan KATA can be downloaded if you follow the link below.

USEFUL diagrams of all Shotokan KATA

Below is a table showing the order of the belts awarded and which kata you will be expected to know to achieve the corresponding grade belt from Orange belt to black belt.  

Click on the name of the kata in the list below to open a link to the Kokoro Karate Dojo YouTube Channel to view a video of the relevant kata

01-kokoro-karate-10thkyu-white-belt10th Kyu = Kihon Kata
02-kokoro-karate-09thkyu-orange-belt9th Kyu = Heian Shodan
03-kokoro-karate-08tkyu-red-belt8th Kyu = Heian Nidan
04-kokoro-karate-07thkyu-yellow-belt7th Kyu = Heian Sandan
05-kokoro-karate-06thkyu-green-belt6th Kyu = Heian Yondan
06-kokoro-karate-05thkyu-purple-belt5th Kyu = Heian Godan
07-kokoro-karate-04thkyu-purple-and-white-belt4th Kyu = Tekki Shodan
08-kokoro-karate-3rdkyu-brown-belt3rd Kyu = Bassai Dai
09-kokoro-karate-2ndkyu-brown-and-white-belt2nd Kyu = Bassai Dai
10-kokoro-karate-1stkyu-brown-and-white-belt1st Kyu = Bassai Dai
11-kokoro-karate-1stdan-black-belt1st Dan = Kanku Dai

Karate Resources and Links

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NAKMAS, Governing body
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 Smeeton Westerby Village Hall
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Recommended Karate Books 

kokoro-karate-books-enoeda-1st-to-6th-kyu    kokoro-karate-books-enoeda-dynamic-karate    kokoro-karate-books-enoeda-sensei

Karate Clothing and Equipment

Your instructor has secured preferential rates with both of the following organisations.  Please ask your sensei for discounted prices;

Click here for Blitz Sports online

Click here for Martial arts superstore
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