Kokoro Karate Dojo Opens Additional Venue @ Arnesby Village Hall

We are opening a new venue at Arnesby Village Hall (click the underlined text for location details) The first session is on Friday 9th October and will continue on Fridays every week. Starts at 6.15pm through to 7.10pm The first session will be completely free with no obligation Ideal ages are between 5 and 105 [...]

Our First Remote Karate Session on Zoom

Adapting our meeting place from dojo to digital for our first remote training training session. We had 20 students taking part in our very first Zoom session which went extremely well today with lots of hot, sweaty faces at the end.   A huge thank you and great big well done to everyone who took part. [...]

Merry Karate Christmas

2018 has brought some great and very special memories.................. Our little club continues to grow with newcomers arriving regularly and current members strengthening their techniques and making some great progress, especially the young ones, "adults, you could do better" 🙂 We have had numerous kyu gradings where our students gave their all to earn their next [...]

Merry Karate Christmas

2017 saw some great and very special moments.................. We have changed our name to Kokoro Karate Dojo (formerly Kibworth Karate). We have had numerous gradings where our students gave their all to earn their next Shotokan Karate belt / kyu grade. We came away from the annual Conroy Karate Competition with a massive haul of well [...]