Why Karate?

Advanced Karate

Sensei Tim and Sempai Jack


My then 6 year old son Jack decided he would like to study karate so we enquired at our local dojo in Aylestone and booked him in for his first session with Sensei Kevin King (4th Dan at the time) in August 2008.

As I sat and watched my son enjoy each lesson more and more, I wondered if I should join in.  Initially I just wanted to have some more exercise and a few months later I decided to take the plunge.  One of the best decisions I have ever made. Under the brilliant guidance of Sensei Kevin King, my son and I progressed through the grades with a full understanding of the basics and later more advanced techniques.  I also regularly attend classes with Sensei Tony Conroy (8th Dan) and benefit greatly from the additional and varied techniques he has introduced me to.

My son and I graded shodan together in October 2012.  A beast of a day as anyone who has done the same will no doubt testify but a day I will remember for the rest of my life, in more ways than one!!   My eleven year old son profoundly remarked afterwards “congratulations Dad, we have made it to the beginning”.  Such a true comment and we both eagerly anticipate furthering our studies in years to come.

Karate and my teachers have inspired me not just to increase my fitness levels through regular training and thousands of press-ups!! but also to improve my concentration levels, confidence, respect for others and patience.  They have also given me the focus to be able to completely forget about the pressures of modern life from the second I walk into the dojo.

I have recently trained with Fujita Sensei on a two week intensive course in Japan where I furthered my studies and gained some vital experience to help improve my skills. Jack and I have also attended two vital point classes with Sensei Rick Clark (8th Dan) and two Masters of Shotokan Classes organised by Sensei Tony Conroy all of which were incredibly useful to further our knowledge and improve our ability as dedicated and fascinated Karateka.

In March 2015 I graded second dan, soon after I started working towards my third dan (an utterly gruelling and difficult experience but one which I proudly passed in November 2018) and the birth of my own dojo, Kibworth Karate (name changed to Kokoro Karate Dojo in 2017) to further my teaching knowledge and to pass on the physical, spiritual and mental benefits of Karatedo, to all my students whether beginner or black belt.

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